About Us
Juntos Farm is a new community space in the heart of Ibiza. We're dedicated to regenerative farming and local food production. Our goal is to transform a large abandoned dairy farm into a cultural destination that supports the transition to regenerative agriculture.
Our Farm

At Juntos Farm we're passionate about growing nutrient-dense food in nutrient-rich soil. We believe the health of humans and the health of the environment are deeply interconnected. Everything we do works to support thriving, diverse and resilient ecosystems.

We grow fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and legumes. We produce compost, seedlings and soon biochar. We also manage a herd of 100+ goats.

We’re committed to regenerative farming practices to help steward the land and mitigate climate change. This includes carbon sequestering, cover cropping and green manures, soil conservation, watershed protection and biodiversity enhancement.

Our Events

At Juntos Farm we celebrate life.

We run a range of different programs and activities at the farm including educational workshops, cooking classes and farm-to-table dinners. This summer we're launching a Saturday tasting night for local food with live music and a Sunday foodmarket to bring the community together around regenerative farming and local produce.

Our Products

We're working to create a range of fresh produce and transformed products grown on our farm and with local partners. The only criteria is all ingredients must come from a regenerative source!

By creating a wide range of regenerative products we're hoping to support farmers across the island and in Europe in making the transition to regenerative farming practices.

Visit Us

Currently we are planting, harvesting and growing our farm so we are not open to public visits. In the summer we will be open for selected events. More information will be shared on Instagram.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us by email: